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Southern Lehigh

Southern Lehigh

5800 Main Street
Center Valley, PA 18034

Southern Lehigh Contact Information

high school principal
Christine Siegfried
610-282-1421 x7500
director of athletics
Chad Remaly
610-282-1421 x7570
atheltic office secretary
Jody Hogman
610-282-1421 x7022
athletic trainer #1
Kelly Dexheimer
610-282-1421 ext 7028
athletic trainer #2
Christina Goral
610-2821421 ext 7028
band director
Larry Fisher
610-282-1421 x7098
baseball head coach
boys basketball head coach
girls basketball head coach
Matt Cooper
varsity cheerleading head coach
boys cross country head coach
Justin Kocis
field hockey head coach
Adrienne Searfoss
football head coach
golf head coach
Matt Greenwald
boys soccer head coach
girls soccer head coach
Andrew Filler
softball head coach
Brian Neefe
boys tennis head coach
Andraea Drabenstott
girls tennis head coach
Andraea Drabenstott
boys track & field head coach
Cotie Strong
girls track & field head coach
Cotie Strong
wrestling head coach
volleyball head coach
Don West Jr.

Participating Sports at Southern Lehigh

Facility Locations for Southern Lehigh Athletic Events

Football Stadium

3571 Preston Lane
Center Valley, PA 18034

All Levels

  • Football
  • Track & Field
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HS Field Hockey Field

5800 Main Street
Center Valley, PA 18034

V/JV Levels

  • Field Hockey
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Limeport Stadium

1488 Limeport Pike
Limeport, PA 18060

Varsity Level ONLY

  • Baseball
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Southern Lehigh High School

5800 Main Street
Center Valley, PA 18034

All Levels

  • Boys Tennis
  • Girls Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Soccer
  • Softball

V/JV/JH Levels

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball

Varsity Level ONLY

  • Cross Country


  • Baseball


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Wedgewood Golf Course

4875 Limeport Pike
Coopersburg, PA 18036

All Levels

  • Golf
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Southern Lehigh Athletic EventsView Full Calendar
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Mon 8/21/17Girls TennisPalisades @ Southern Lehigh10:00am
Mon 8/21/17GolfSouthern Lehigh @ Saucon Valley10:00am
Wed 8/23/17GolfPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh10:00am
Thu 8/24/17GolfNotre Dame G.P. @ Southern Lehigh10:00am
Thu 8/24/17Girls TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Notre Dame G.P.10:00am
Fri 8/25/17FootballSouthern Lehigh @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Sat 8/26/17Girls TennisWilson @ Southern Lehigh10:00am
Mon 8/28/17GolfSouthern Lehigh @ Bangor2:45pm
Mon 8/28/17Girls TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Pen Argyl4:00pm
Wed 8/30/17GolfSouthern Lehigh @ Pen Argyl2:45pm
Wed 8/30/17Girls TennisBangor @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Thu 8/31/17GolfSouthern Lehigh @ Moravian Academy2:45pm
Thu 8/31/17Girls TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Saucon Valley4:00pm
Fri 9/1/17FootballPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Tue 9/5/17GolfSouthern Lehigh @ Salisbury2:45pm
Tue 9/5/17Field HockeyMoravian Academy @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 9/5/17Girls TennisSalisbury @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Wed 9/6/17Girls Cross CountrySouthern Lehigh, Saucon Valley, Salisbury, Palisades, Notre Dame G.P., Catasauqua @ Moravian Academy4:00pm
Wed 9/6/17Boys SoccerPalisades @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Wed 9/6/17Boys Cross CountrySouthern Lehigh, Saucon Valley, Salisbury, Palisades, Notre Dame G.P., Catasauqua @ Moravian Academy4:30pm
Wed 9/6/17Girls SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Palisades7:00pm
Thu 9/7/17Girls TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Moravian Academy4:00pm
Thu 9/7/17Field HockeySouthern Lehigh @ Salisbury4:00pm
Thu 9/7/17VolleyballSouthern Lehigh @ Notre Dame G.P.7:00pm
Fri 9/8/17Boys SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Notre Dame G.P.4:00pm
Fri 9/8/17Girls SoccerNotre Dame G.P. @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Fri 9/8/17Girls TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Palisades4:00pm
Fri 9/8/17FootballNotre Dame G.P. @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Sat 9/9/17Field HockeyNorthern Lehigh @ Southern Lehigh10:00am
Mon 9/11/17GolfWilson, Southern Lehigh, Saucon Valley @ Salisbury1:45pm
Mon 9/11/17Boys SoccerNorthern Lehigh @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Mon 9/11/17Field HockeySouthern Lehigh @ Saucon Valley4:15pm
Tue 9/12/17Girls Cross CountrySalisbury, Palmerton, Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Catasauqua @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 9/12/17Boys Cross CountrySalisbury, Palmerton, Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Catasauqua @ Southern Lehigh4:30pm
Tue 9/12/17VolleyballNorthwestern @ Southern Lehigh6:30pm
Tue 9/12/17Girls SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 9/13/17GolfSouthern Lehigh, Notre Dame G.P. @ Saucon Valley2:15pm
Wed 9/13/17Field HockeySouthern Lehigh @ Northwestern4:00pm
Wed 9/13/17Girls TennisNotre Dame G.P. @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Thu 9/14/17Boys SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Catasauqua4:00pm
Thu 9/14/17Girls SoccerCatasauqua @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Thu 9/14/17Girls TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Wilson4:00pm
Fri 9/15/17Field HockeyPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Fri 9/15/17FootballSouthern Lehigh @ Palisades7:00pm
Sat 9/16/17Boys SoccerNorthwestern @ Southern Lehigh10:00am
Sat 9/16/17Girls SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Northwestern10:00am
Sat 9/16/17Girls TennisPen Argyl @ Southern Lehigh10:00am
Mon 9/18/17Girls TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Bangor4:00pm
Mon 9/18/17Boys SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton4:00pm
Mon 9/18/17Girls SoccerPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Mon 9/18/17Field HockeySouthern Lehigh @ Pen Argyl4:00pm
Tue 9/19/17Girls Cross CountryWilson, Southern Lehigh, Salisbury, Catasauqua, Bangor @ Pen Argyl4:00pm
Tue 9/19/17Boys Cross CountryWilson, Southern Lehigh, Salisbury, Catasauqua, Bangor @ Pen Argyl4:30pm
Tue 9/19/17VolleyballSouthern Lehigh @ Saucon Valley6:00pm
Wed 9/20/17GolfNorthwestern @ Southern Lehigh2:30pm
Wed 9/20/17Girls TennisSaucon Valley @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Wed 9/20/17Boys SoccerWilson @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Wed 9/20/17Girls SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Wilson4:00pm
Thu 9/21/17Field HockeySouthern Lehigh @ Catasauqua4:00pm
Thu 9/21/17VolleyballCatasauqua @ Southern Lehigh6:30pm
Fri 9/22/17Girls TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Salisbury4:00pm
Fri 9/22/17FootballSouthern Lehigh @ Saucon Valley7:00pm
Sat 9/23/17Field HockeyWilson @ Southern Lehigh10:00am
Mon 9/25/17Field HockeyBangor @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 9/26/17Boys Cross CountrySouthern Lehigh, Saucon Valley, Palisades, Notre Dame G.P., Moravian Academy, Catasauqua @ Salisbury4:00pm
Tue 9/26/17Girls TennisMoravian Academy @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 9/26/17Boys SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Saucon Valley4:00pm
Tue 9/26/17Girls Cross CountrySouthern Lehigh, Saucon Valley, Palisades, Notre Dame G.P., Moravian Academy, Catasauqua @ Salisbury4:30pm
Tue 9/26/17VolleyballNotre Dame G.P. @ Southern Lehigh6:30pm
Tue 9/26/17Girls SoccerSaucon Valley @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 9/27/17Field HockeyCatasauqua @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Thu 9/28/17Girls SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Bangor4:00pm
Thu 9/28/17VolleyballSouthern Lehigh @ Northwestern6:00pm
Thu 9/28/17Boys SoccerBangor @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 9/29/17Field HockeySouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 9/29/17FootballSouthern Lehigh @ Bangor7:00pm
Tue 10/3/17Boys Cross CountrySouthern Lehigh, Salisbury, Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Catasauqua @ Palmerton4:00pm
Tue 10/3/17Field HockeySouthern Lehigh @ Palisades4:00pm
Tue 10/3/17Girls Cross CountrySouthern Lehigh, Salisbury, Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Catasauqua @ Palmerton4:30pm
Thu 10/5/17Boys SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Moravian Academy3:45pm
Thu 10/5/17Girls SoccerMoravian Academy @ Southern Lehigh3:45pm
Thu 10/5/17Field HockeySouthern Lehigh @ Northern Lehigh6:45pm
Thu 10/5/17VolleyballSouthern Lehigh @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Fri 10/6/17FootballWilson @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Mon 10/9/17Boys SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Pen Argyl3:45pm
Mon 10/9/17Girls SoccerPen Argyl @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Tue 10/10/17Boys Cross CountryWilson, Southern Lehigh, Salisbury, Pen Argyl, Bangor @ Catasauqua4:00pm
Tue 10/10/17Field HockeyNorthwestern @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 10/10/17Girls Cross CountryWilson, Southern Lehigh, Salisbury, Pen Argyl, Bangor @ Catasauqua4:30pm
Tue 10/10/17VolleyballSaucon Valley @ Southern Lehigh6:30pm
Wed 10/11/17Boys SoccerSalisbury @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Thu 10/12/17Field HockeySalisbury @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Thu 10/12/17Girls SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Salisbury7:00pm
Fri 10/13/17FootballNorthwestern @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 10/20/17FootballSouthern Lehigh @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Fri 10/27/17FootballSalisbury @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Tue 12/12/17Boys BasketballPen Argyl @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Tue 12/12/17Girls BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Pen Argyl7:00pm
Wed 12/13/17WrestlingSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton7:00pm
Thu 12/14/17Boys BasketballMoravian Academy @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Thu 12/14/17Girls BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Moravian Academy7:00pm
Fri 12/15/17Boys BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Fri 12/15/17Girls BasketballCatasauqua @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Mon 12/18/17Boys BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Bangor7:00pm
Mon 12/18/17Girls BasketballBangor @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Tue 12/19/17WrestlingWilson @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 12/20/17Boys BasketballNorthwestern @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 12/20/17Girls BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Northwestern7:00pm
Thu 12/21/17WrestlingCatasauqua @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 1/3/18Boys BasketballNotre Dame G.P. @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 1/3/18Girls BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Notre Dame G.P.7:00pm
Thu 1/4/18WrestlingSouthern Lehigh @ Bangor7:00pm
Fri 1/5/18Boys BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 1/5/18Girls BasketballNorthern Lehigh @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Sat 1/6/18Boys BasketballPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh1:00pm
Sat 1/6/18Girls BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton1:00pm
Tue 1/9/18Boys BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Wilson7:00pm
Tue 1/9/18Girls BasketballWilson @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 1/10/18WrestlingSouthern Lehigh @ Northwestern7:00pm
Thu 1/11/18Boys BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Salisbury7:00pm
Thu 1/11/18Girls BasketballSalisbury @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Sat 1/13/18Boys BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Northwestern1:00pm
Sat 1/13/18Girls BasketballNorthwestern @ Southern Lehigh1:00pm
Tue 1/16/18WrestlingPen Argyl @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Thu 1/18/18WrestlingNorthern Lehigh @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 1/19/18Boys BasketballCatasauqua @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 1/19/18Girls BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Tue 1/23/18Boys BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Palisades7:00pm
Tue 1/23/18Girls BasketballPalisades @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 1/24/18WrestlingSouthern Lehigh @ Salisbury7:00pm
Fri 1/26/18Boys BasketballNorthern Lehigh @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 1/26/18Girls BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 1/31/18Boys BasketballSaucon Valley @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 1/31/18Girls BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Saucon Valley7:00pm
Fri 2/2/18Boys BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton7:00pm
Fri 2/2/18Girls BasketballPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Mon 2/5/18Boys BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Moravian Academy7:00pm
Mon 2/5/18Girls BasketballMoravian Academy @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 2/7/18Boys BasketballSalisbury @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 2/7/18Girls BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Salisbury7:00pm
Wed 3/14/18Boys TennisBangor @ Southern Lehigh3:45pm
Mon 3/19/18Boys TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Salisbury3:45pm
Wed 3/21/18Boys TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Notre Dame G.P.3:45pm
Fri 3/23/18Boys TennisMoravian Academy @ Southern Lehigh3:45pm
Mon 3/26/18BaseballPen Argyl @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Mon 3/26/18SoftballPen Argyl @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Mon 3/26/18Boys TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Saucon Valley4:00pm
Tue 3/27/18Boys Track & FieldSaucon Valley, Northwestern @ Southern Lehigh3:30pm
Tue 3/27/18Girls Track & FieldSaucon Valley, Northwestern @ Southern Lehigh3:30pm
Wed 3/28/18BaseballMoravian Academy @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Wed 3/28/18SoftballMoravian Academy @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Wed 3/28/18Boys TennisPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Mon 4/2/18Boys TennisPalisades @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 4/3/18Boys Track & FieldSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton3:30pm
Tue 4/3/18Girls Track & FieldSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton3:30pm
Tue 4/3/18BaseballSouthern Lehigh @ Catasauqua4:15pm
Tue 4/3/18SoftballSouthern Lehigh @ Catasauqua4:15pm
Wed 4/4/18Boys TennisWilson @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Wed 4/4/18BaseballSouthern Lehigh @ Bangor4:15pm
Wed 4/4/18SoftballSouthern Lehigh @ Bangor4:15pm
Thu 4/5/18Girls Track & FieldCatasauqua @ Southern Lehigh3:30pm
Thu 4/5/18Boys Track & FieldCatasauqua @ Southern Lehigh3:30pm
Fri 4/6/18BaseballNorthwestern @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Fri 4/6/18SoftballNorthwestern @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Fri 4/6/18Boys TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Pen Argyl4:00pm
Mon 4/9/18BaseballNotre Dame G.P. @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Mon 4/9/18SoftballNotre Dame G.P. @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Mon 4/9/18Boys TennisSalisbury @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 4/10/18Girls Track & FieldPalisades @ Southern Lehigh3:30pm
Tue 4/10/18Boys Track & FieldPalisades @ Southern Lehigh3:30pm
Wed 4/11/18Boys TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Moravian Academy4:00pm
Wed 4/11/18BaseballSouthern Lehigh @ Northern Lehigh4:00pm
Wed 4/11/18SoftballSouthern Lehigh @ Northern Lehigh4:00pm
Thu 4/12/18BaseballPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Thu 4/12/18SoftballPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Fri 4/13/18Boys TennisWilson @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Sat 4/14/18BaseballSouthern Lehigh @ Wilson10:00am
Sat 4/14/18SoftballSouthern Lehigh @ Wilson10:00am
Mon 4/16/18BaseballSouthern Lehigh @ Salisbury4:00pm
Mon 4/16/18SoftballSouthern Lehigh @ Salisbury4:00pm
Mon 4/16/18Boys TennisSaucon Valley @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 4/17/18Girls Track & FieldPen Argyl, Notre Dame G.P. @ Southern Lehigh3:30pm
Tue 4/17/18Boys Track & FieldPen Argyl, Notre Dame G.P. @ Southern Lehigh3:30pm
Wed 4/18/18Boys TennisSouthern Lehigh @ Palisades4:00pm
Wed 4/18/18BaseballSouthern Lehigh @ Northwestern4:15pm
Wed 4/18/18SoftballSouthern Lehigh @ Northwestern4:15pm
Mon 4/23/18BaseballCatasauqua @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Mon 4/23/18SoftballCatasauqua @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 4/24/18Boys Track & FieldSouthern Lehigh, Bangor @ Wilson3:30pm
Tue 4/24/18Girls Track & FieldSouthern Lehigh, Bangor @ Wilson3:30pm
Wed 4/25/18BaseballSouthern Lehigh @ Palisades4:00pm
Wed 4/25/18SoftballSouthern Lehigh @ Palisades4:00pm
Mon 4/30/18BaseballNorthern Lehigh @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Mon 4/30/18SoftballNorthern Lehigh @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 5/1/18Girls Track & FieldSouthern Lehigh, Salisbury @ Northern Lehigh3:30pm
Tue 5/1/18Boys Track & FieldSouthern Lehigh, Salisbury @ Northern Lehigh3:30pm
Wed 5/2/18SoftballSaucon Valley @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Wed 5/2/18BaseballSaucon Valley @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 5/4/18BaseballSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 5/4/18SoftballSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton4:00pm
Mon 5/7/18BaseballSouthern Lehigh @ Moravian Academy4:00pm
Mon 5/7/18SoftballSouthern Lehigh @ Moravian Academy4:00pm
Wed 5/9/18SoftballSalisbury @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Wed 5/9/18BaseballSalisbury @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm