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Boys Basketball
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Wildcard Semi-Finals Championship Champion
AT Salisbury 7:00pm
Salisbury 65-54
AT Catasauqua HS 6:00pm
DATE Saturday, February 11th  DATE Wednesday, February 15th 
Friday, February 17th
Easton Area MS 8:00pm
Bangor 54-43
AT Catasauqua HS 7:30pm
Bangor 43-42
AT Notre Dame G.P. 7:00pm
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Fri 12/8/17Palisades @ Notre Dame G.P.7:30pm
Sat 12/9/17Moravian Academy @ Pen Argyl2:30pm
Tue 12/12/17Bangor @ Salisbury7:00pm
Tue 12/12/17Notre Dame G.P. @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Tue 12/12/17Saucon Valley @ Moravian Academy7:00pm
Tue 12/12/17Palisades @ Northwestern7:00pm
Tue 12/12/17Wilson @ Palmerton7:00pm
Tue 12/12/17Pen Argyl @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Thu 12/14/17Bangor @ Pen Argyl7:00pm
Thu 12/14/17Catasauqua @ Northwestern7:00pm
Thu 12/14/17Moravian Academy @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Thu 12/14/17Salisbury @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Thu 12/14/17Notre Dame G.P. @ Wilson7:00pm
Thu 12/14/17Saucon Valley @ Palisades7:00pm
Fri 12/15/17Southern Lehigh @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Sat 12/16/17Palisades @ Bangor1:00pm
Sat 12/16/17Northern Lehigh @ Moravian Academy1:00pm
Sat 12/16/17Pen Argyl @ Notre Dame G.P.1:00pm
Sat 12/16/17Palmerton @ Salisbury1:00pm
Sat 12/16/17Wilson @ Saucon Valley1:00pm
Mon 12/18/17Southern Lehigh @ Bangor7:00pm
Mon 12/18/17Catasauqua @ Saucon Valley7:00pm
Mon 12/18/17Moravian Academy @ Palisades7:00pm
Mon 12/18/17Northern Lehigh @ Wilson7:00pm
Mon 12/18/17Salisbury @ Notre Dame G.P.7:00pm
Mon 12/18/17Palmerton @ Pen Argyl7:00pm
Wed 12/20/17Catasauqua @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 12/20/17Moravian Academy @ Palmerton7:00pm
Wed 12/20/17Northwestern @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Thu 12/21/17Northern Lehigh @ Northwestern7:00pm
Fri 12/22/17Bangor @ Wilson7:00pm
Fri 12/22/17Palmerton @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Fri 12/22/17Salisbury @ Moravian Academy7:00pm
Fri 12/22/17Saucon Valley @ Notre Dame G.P.7:00pm
Fri 12/22/17Palisades @ Pen Argyl7:00pm
Wed 1/3/18Bangor @ Palmerton7:00pm
Wed 1/3/18Palisades @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Wed 1/3/18Pen Argyl @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 1/3/18Wilson @ Northwestern7:00pm
Wed 1/3/18Notre Dame G.P. @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 1/3/18Saucon Valley @ Salisbury7:00pm
Fri 1/5/18Notre Dame G.P. @ Bangor7:00pm
Fri 1/5/18Catasauqua @ Salisbury7:00pm
Fri 1/5/18Southern Lehigh @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 1/5/18Northwestern @ Palmerton7:00pm
Fri 1/5/18Wilson @ Palisades7:00pm
Fri 1/5/18Pen Argyl @ Saucon Valley7:00pm
Sat 1/6/18Moravian Academy @ Catasauqua1:00pm
Sat 1/6/18Salisbury @ Northwestern1:00pm
Sat 1/6/18Palmerton @ Southern Lehigh1:00pm
Tue 1/9/18Catasauqua @ Bangor7:00pm
Tue 1/9/18Moravian Academy @ Notre Dame G.P.7:00pm
Tue 1/9/18Northern Lehigh @ Palisades7:00pm
Tue 1/9/18Northwestern @ Saucon Valley7:00pm
Tue 1/9/18Salisbury @ Pen Argyl7:00pm
Tue 1/9/18Southern Lehigh @ Wilson7:00pm
Thu 1/11/18Bangor @ Saucon Valley7:00pm
Thu 1/11/18Northwestern @ Moravian Academy7:00pm
Thu 1/11/18Wilson @ Pen Argyl7:00pm
Thu 1/11/18Southern Lehigh @ Salisbury7:00pm
Fri 1/12/18Northern Lehigh @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Sat 1/13/18Bangor @ Palisades1:00pm
Sat 1/13/18Palmerton @ Moravian Academy1:00pm
Sat 1/13/18Southern Lehigh @ Northwestern1:00pm
Sat 1/13/18Notre Dame G.P. @ Pen Argyl1:00pm
Sat 1/13/18Saucon Valley @ Wilson1:00pm
Mon 1/15/18Bangor @ Moravian Academy7:00pm
Mon 1/15/18Pen Argyl @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Mon 1/15/18Saucon Valley @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Mon 1/15/18Notre Dame G.P. @ Northwestern7:00pm
Mon 1/15/18Palisades @ Palmerton7:00pm
Mon 1/15/18Wilson @ Salisbury7:00pm
Wed 1/17/18Saucon Valley @ Bangor7:00pm
Wed 1/17/18Moravian Academy @ Northwestern7:00pm
Wed 1/17/18Palmerton @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 1/17/18Notre Dame G.P. @ Palisades7:00pm
Wed 1/17/18Pen Argyl @ Wilson7:00pm
Fri 1/19/18Catasauqua @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 1/19/18Moravian Academy @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 1/19/18Salisbury @ Palmerton7:00pm
Tue 1/23/18Northwestern @ Bangor7:00pm
Tue 1/23/18Catasauqua @ Wilson7:00pm
Tue 1/23/18Northern Lehigh @ Notre Dame G.P.7:00pm
Tue 1/23/18Southern Lehigh @ Palisades7:00pm
Tue 1/23/18Palmerton @ Saucon Valley7:00pm
Thu 1/25/18Wilson @ Bangor7:00pm
Thu 1/25/18Catasauqua @ Palmerton7:00pm
Thu 1/25/18Moravian Academy @ Salisbury7:00pm
Thu 1/25/18Northern Lehigh @ Northwestern7:00pm
Thu 1/25/18Notre Dame G.P. @ Saucon Valley7:00pm
Thu 1/25/18Pen Argyl @ Palisades7:00pm
Fri 1/26/18Northern Lehigh @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 1/26/18Palmerton @ Northwestern7:00pm
Sat 1/27/18Salisbury @ Catasauqua3:00pm
Wed 1/31/18Bangor @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 1/31/18Wilson @ Moravian Academy7:00pm
Wed 1/31/18Pen Argyl @ Northwestern7:00pm
Wed 1/31/18Notre Dame G.P. @ Palmerton7:00pm
Wed 1/31/18Palisades @ Salisbury7:00pm
Wed 1/31/18Saucon Valley @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Fri 2/2/18Bangor @ Notre Dame G.P.7:00pm
Fri 2/2/18Catasauqua @ Moravian Academy7:00pm
Fri 2/2/18Northwestern @ Salisbury7:00pm
Fri 2/2/18Palisades @ Wilson7:00pm
Fri 2/2/18Southern Lehigh @ Palmerton7:00pm
Fri 2/2/18Saucon Valley @ Pen Argyl7:00pm
Mon 2/5/18Southern Lehigh @ Moravian Academy7:00pm
Mon 2/5/18Northern Lehigh @ Salisbury7:00pm
Wed 2/7/18Pen Argyl @ Bangor7:00pm
Wed 2/7/18Northwestern @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Wed 2/7/18Northern Lehigh @ Palmerton7:00pm
Wed 2/7/18Wilson @ Notre Dame G.P.7:00pm
Wed 2/7/18Palisades @ Saucon Valley7:00pm
Wed 2/7/18Salisbury @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm