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3525 Fireline Road
Palmerton, PA 18071
Blue Bombers

Palmerton Contact Information

high school principal
Paula Husar
610-826-3155 x2214
athletic director
Andrew Remsing
610-826-3155 x2215
atheltic office secretary
Dianne Smelas
610-826-3155 x2226
athletic trainer
David Smith
610-826-3155 x2247
baseball head coach
boys basketball head coach
girls basketball head coach
boys cross country head coach
field hockey head coach
Taryn Burke
610-826-3155 x2215
football head coach
Chris Walkowiak
golf head coach
boys soccer head coach
girls soccer head coach
softball head coach
boys tennis head coach
Jennifer Danzeisen
boys track & field head coach
wrestling head coach
girls track & field head coach
fall cheerleading head coach
winter cheerleading head coach

Participating Sports at Palmerton

Facility Locations for Palmerton Athletic Events

7th Street Field

Delaware Avenue & 7th Street
Palmerton, PA 18071

All Levels

  • Softball
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Blue Shamrock Golf Club

2230 Fireline Road
Palmerton, PA 18071

All Levels

  • Cross Country
  • Golf
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Bomber Stadium

3525 Fireline Road
Palmerton, PA 18071

All Levels

  • Football
  • Track & Field
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Soccer

Senior Night

  • Field Hockey
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HS Complex

3525 Fireline Road
Palmerton, PA 18071

All Levels

  • Field Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Boys Tennis
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HS Gym

3525 Fireline Road
Palmerton, PA 18071

All Levels

  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Wrestling
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Mon 8/21/17GolfNotre Dame G.P. @ Palmerton10:00am
Wed 8/23/17GolfPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh10:00am
Thu 8/24/17GolfPalmerton @ Northwestern10:00am
Fri 8/25/17FootballPalmerton @ Northwestern7:00pm
Mon 8/28/17GolfPen Argyl @ Palmerton2:45pm
Wed 8/30/17GolfPalmerton @ Salisbury2:45pm
Thu 8/31/17GolfSaucon Valley @ Palmerton2:45pm
Fri 9/1/17FootballPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Tue 9/5/17GolfPalmerton @ Moravian Academy2:45pm
Tue 9/5/17Field HockeyBangor @ Palmerton4:00pm
Wed 9/6/17Girls Cross CountryPen Argyl, Palmerton, Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Bangor @ Wilson4:00pm
Wed 9/6/17Boys SoccerNorthwestern @ Palmerton4:00pm
Wed 9/6/17Girls SoccerPalmerton @ Northwestern4:00pm
Wed 9/6/17Boys Cross CountryPen Argyl, Palmerton, Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Bangor @ Wilson4:30pm
Thu 9/7/17Field HockeyPalmerton @ Northern Lehigh4:00pm
Fri 9/8/17FootballSaucon Valley @ Palmerton7:00pm
Sat 9/9/17Field HockeyNorthwestern @ Palmerton10:00am
Mon 9/11/17GolfPalmerton, Moravian Academy, Bangor @ Pen Argyl1:45pm
Mon 9/11/17Field HockeyPalmerton @ Palisades6:45pm
Tue 9/12/17Girls Cross CountrySalisbury, Palmerton, Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Catasauqua @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 9/12/17Boys SoccerPalmerton @ Wilson4:00pm
Tue 9/12/17Girls SoccerWilson @ Palmerton4:00pm
Tue 9/12/17Boys Cross CountrySalisbury, Palmerton, Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Catasauqua @ Southern Lehigh4:30pm
Wed 9/13/17Field HockeyPalmerton @ Catasauqua4:00pm
Thu 9/14/17Boys SoccerSaucon Valley @ Palmerton4:00pm
Thu 9/14/17Girls SoccerPalmerton @ Saucon Valley4:00pm
Fri 9/15/17Field HockeyPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Fri 9/15/17FootballPen Argyl @ Palmerton7:00pm
Sat 9/16/17Boys SoccerPalmerton @ Bangor10:00am
Sat 9/16/17Girls SoccerBangor @ Palmerton10:00am
Mon 9/18/17GolfNorthwestern, Bangor @ Palmerton2:15pm
Mon 9/18/17Boys SoccerSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton4:00pm
Mon 9/18/17Girls SoccerPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 9/19/17Girls Cross CountrySaucon Valley, Palmerton, Notre Dame G.P., Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Moravian Academy @ Palisades4:00pm
Tue 9/19/17Field HockeyPalmerton @ Saucon Valley4:15pm
Tue 9/19/17Boys Cross CountrySaucon Valley, Palmerton, Notre Dame G.P., Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Moravian Academy @ Palisades4:30pm
Wed 9/20/17GolfWilson @ Palmerton2:30pm
Wed 9/20/17Boys SoccerPalmerton @ Moravian Academy4:00pm
Wed 9/20/17Girls SoccerMoravian Academy @ Palmerton4:00pm
Thu 9/21/17Field HockeySalisbury @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 9/22/17Girls SoccerPalmerton @ Palisades4:00pm
Fri 9/22/17FootballPalmerton @ Bangor7:00pm
Sat 9/23/17Field HockeyMoravian Academy @ Palmerton10:00am
Mon 9/25/17Field HockeyWilson @ Palmerton4:00pm
Tue 9/26/17Boys Cross CountryWilson, Pen Argyl, Palmerton, Northern Lehigh, Bangor @ Northwestern4:00pm
Tue 9/26/17Boys SoccerSalisbury @ Palmerton4:00pm
Tue 9/26/17Girls Cross CountryWilson, Pen Argyl, Palmerton, Northern Lehigh, Bangor @ Northwestern4:30pm
Tue 9/26/17Girls SoccerPalmerton @ Salisbury7:00pm
Wed 9/27/17Field HockeyPalmerton @ Salisbury6:45pm
Thu 9/28/17Boys SoccerPalmerton @ Pen Argyl4:00pm
Thu 9/28/17Girls SoccerPen Argyl @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 9/29/17Field HockeySouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 9/29/17FootballNotre Dame G.P. @ Palmerton7:00pm
Mon 10/2/17Boys SoccerPalisades @ Palmerton4:00pm
Tue 10/3/17Boys Cross CountrySouthern Lehigh, Salisbury, Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Catasauqua @ Palmerton4:00pm
Tue 10/3/17Field HockeyPalmerton @ Pen Argyl4:00pm
Tue 10/3/17Girls Cross CountrySouthern Lehigh, Salisbury, Northwestern, Northern Lehigh, Catasauqua @ Palmerton4:30pm
Thu 10/5/17Field HockeyPalmerton @ Northwestern4:00pm
Thu 10/5/17Boys SoccerPalmerton @ Notre Dame G.P.4:00pm
Thu 10/5/17Girls SoccerNotre Dame G.P. @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 10/6/17FootballPalmerton @ Palisades7:00pm
Mon 10/9/17Boys SoccerPalmerton @ Catasauqua4:00pm
Mon 10/9/17Girls SoccerCatasauqua @ Palmerton4:00pm
Tue 10/10/17Field HockeyCatasauqua @ Palmerton4:00pm
Tue 10/10/17Boys Cross CountrySaucon Valley, Palmerton, Palisades, Notre Dame G.P., Northwestern, Moravian Academy @ Northern Lehigh4:00pm
Tue 10/10/17Girls Cross CountrySaucon Valley, Palmerton, Palisades, Notre Dame G.P., Northwestern, Moravian Academy @ Northern Lehigh4:30pm
Wed 10/11/17Boys SoccerNorthern Lehigh @ Palmerton4:00pm
Wed 10/11/17Girls SoccerPalmerton @ Northern Lehigh4:00pm
Thu 10/12/17Field HockeyNorthern Lehigh @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 10/13/17FootballCatasauqua @ Palmerton7:00pm
Fri 10/20/17FootballPalmerton @ Salisbury7:00pm
Fri 10/27/17FootballNorthern Lehigh @ Palmerton7:00pm
Tue 12/12/17Boys BasketballWilson @ Palmerton7:00pm
Tue 12/12/17Girls BasketballPalmerton @ Wilson7:00pm
Wed 12/13/17WrestlingSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton7:00pm
Fri 12/15/17Girls BasketballSalisbury @ Palmerton7:00pm
Sat 12/16/17Boys BasketballPalmerton @ Salisbury1:00pm
Mon 12/18/17Boys BasketballPalmerton @ Pen Argyl7:00pm
Mon 12/18/17Girls BasketballPen Argyl @ Palmerton7:00pm
Tue 12/19/17WrestlingPalmerton @ Pen Argyl7:00pm
Wed 12/20/17Boys BasketballMoravian Academy @ Palmerton7:00pm
Wed 12/20/17Girls BasketballPalmerton @ Moravian Academy7:00pm
Thu 12/21/17Girls BasketballCatasauqua @ Palmerton7:00pm
Thu 12/21/17WrestlingPalmerton @ Northwestern7:00pm
Fri 12/22/17Boys BasketballPalmerton @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Wed 1/3/18Boys BasketballBangor @ Palmerton7:00pm
Wed 1/3/18Girls BasketballPalmerton @ Bangor7:00pm
Thu 1/4/18WrestlingPalmerton @ Wilson7:00pm
Fri 1/5/18Boys BasketballNorthwestern @ Palmerton7:00pm
Fri 1/5/18Girls BasketballPalmerton @ Northwestern7:00pm
Sat 1/6/18Boys BasketballPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh1:00pm
Sat 1/6/18Girls BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton1:00pm
Wed 1/10/18WrestlingSalisbury @ Palmerton7:00pm
Fri 1/12/18Girls BasketballMoravian Academy @ Palmerton7:00pm
Sat 1/13/18Boys BasketballPalmerton @ Moravian Academy1:00pm
Mon 1/15/18Boys BasketballPalisades @ Palmerton7:00pm
Mon 1/15/18Girls BasketballPalmerton @ Palisades7:00pm
Tue 1/16/18WrestlingPalisades @ Palmerton7:00pm
Wed 1/17/18Boys BasketballPalmerton @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 1/17/18Girls BasketballNorthern Lehigh @ Palmerton7:00pm
Thu 1/18/18WrestlingPalmerton @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Fri 1/19/18Boys BasketballSalisbury @ Palmerton7:00pm
Fri 1/19/18Girls BasketballPalmerton @ Salisbury7:00pm
Tue 1/23/18Boys BasketballPalmerton @ Saucon Valley7:00pm
Tue 1/23/18Girls BasketballSaucon Valley @ Palmerton7:00pm
Wed 1/24/18WrestlingNorthern Lehigh @ Palmerton7:00pm
Thu 1/25/18Boys BasketballCatasauqua @ Palmerton7:00pm
Thu 1/25/18Girls BasketballPalmerton @ Catasauqua7:00pm
Fri 1/26/18Boys BasketballPalmerton @ Northwestern7:00pm
Fri 1/26/18Girls BasketballNorthwestern @ Palmerton7:00pm
Wed 1/31/18Boys BasketballNotre Dame G.P. @ Palmerton7:00pm
Wed 1/31/18Girls BasketballPalmerton @ Notre Dame G.P.7:00pm
Fri 2/2/18Boys BasketballSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton7:00pm
Fri 2/2/18Girls BasketballPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 2/7/18Boys BasketballNorthern Lehigh @ Palmerton7:00pm
Wed 2/7/18Girls BasketballPalmerton @ Northern Lehigh7:00pm
Wed 3/14/18Boys TennisPalmerton @ Salisbury3:45pm
Fri 3/16/18Boys TennisPalmerton @ Pen Argyl3:45pm
Mon 3/19/18Boys TennisBangor @ Palmerton3:45pm
Wed 3/21/18Boys TennisSaucon Valley @ Palmerton3:45pm
Mon 3/26/18BaseballWilson @ Palmerton4:00pm
Mon 3/26/18SoftballWilson @ Palmerton4:00pm
Mon 3/26/18Boys TennisPalmerton @ Wilson4:00pm
Tue 3/27/18Girls Track & FieldPen Argyl, Palmerton @ Salisbury3:30pm
Tue 3/27/18Boys Track & FieldPen Argyl, Palmerton @ Salisbury3:30pm
Wed 3/28/18Boys TennisPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Mon 4/2/18Boys TennisNotre Dame G.P. @ Palmerton4:00pm
Mon 4/2/18BaseballPalmerton @ Salisbury4:00pm
Mon 4/2/18SoftballPalmerton @ Salisbury4:00pm
Tue 4/3/18Boys Track & FieldSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton3:30pm
Tue 4/3/18Girls Track & FieldSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton3:30pm
Wed 4/4/18BaseballPalmerton @ Pen Argyl4:00pm
Wed 4/4/18SoftballPalmerton @ Pen Argyl4:00pm
Wed 4/4/18Boys TennisPen Argyl @ Palmerton4:00pm
Thu 4/5/18Girls Track & FieldPalisades @ Palmerton3:30pm
Thu 4/5/18Boys Track & FieldPalisades @ Palmerton3:30pm
Fri 4/6/18BaseballMoravian Academy @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 4/6/18SoftballMoravian Academy @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 4/6/18Boys TennisMoravian Academy @ Palmerton4:00pm
Sat 4/7/18BaseballPalmerton @ Catasauqua10:00am
Sat 4/7/18SoftballPalmerton @ Catasauqua10:00am
Mon 4/9/18BaseballBangor @ Palmerton4:00pm
Mon 4/9/18SoftballBangor @ Palmerton4:00pm
Mon 4/9/18Boys TennisPalmerton @ Bangor4:00pm
Tue 4/10/18Girls Track & FieldCatasauqua @ Palmerton3:30pm
Tue 4/10/18Boys Track & FieldCatasauqua @ Palmerton3:30pm
Wed 4/11/18BaseballNorthwestern @ Palmerton4:00pm
Wed 4/11/18SoftballNorthwestern @ Palmerton4:00pm
Thu 4/12/18BaseballPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Thu 4/12/18SoftballPalmerton @ Southern Lehigh4:00pm
Fri 4/13/18Boys TennisPalmerton @ Palisades4:00pm
Mon 4/16/18Boys TennisWilson @ Palmerton4:00pm
Tue 4/17/18Boys Track & FieldSaucon Valley, Bangor @ Palmerton3:30pm
Tue 4/17/18Girls Track & FieldSaucon Valley, Bangor @ Palmerton3:30pm
Wed 4/18/18BaseballPalmerton @ Moravian Academy4:00pm
Wed 4/18/18SoftballPalmerton @ Moravian Academy4:00pm
Wed 4/18/18Boys TennisPalmerton @ Notre Dame G.P.4:00pm
Thu 4/19/18BaseballPalisades @ Palmerton4:00pm
Thu 4/19/18SoftballPalisades @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 4/20/18BaseballPalmerton @ Northern Lehigh4:00pm
Fri 4/20/18SoftballPalmerton @ Northern Lehigh4:00pm
Mon 4/23/18BaseballSalisbury @ Palmerton4:00pm
Mon 4/23/18SoftballSalisbury @ Palmerton4:00pm
Tue 4/24/18Girls Track & FieldPalmerton, Notre Dame G.P. @ Northern Lehigh3:30pm
Tue 4/24/18Boys Track & FieldPalmerton, Notre Dame G.P. @ Northern Lehigh3:30pm
Wed 4/25/18BaseballPalmerton @ Saucon Valley4:15pm
Wed 4/25/18SoftballPalmerton @ Saucon Valley4:15pm
Fri 4/27/18BaseballCatasauqua @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 4/27/18SoftballCatasauqua @ Palmerton4:00pm
Mon 4/30/18BaseballPalmerton @ Northwestern4:15pm
Mon 4/30/18SoftballPalmerton @ Northwestern4:15pm
Tue 5/1/18Boys Track & FieldWilson, Northwestern @ Palmerton3:30pm
Tue 5/1/18Girls Track & FieldWilson, Northwestern @ Palmerton3:30pm
Wed 5/2/18BaseballNotre Dame G.P. @ Palmerton4:00pm
Wed 5/2/18SoftballNotre Dame G.P. @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 5/4/18BaseballSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton4:00pm
Fri 5/4/18SoftballSouthern Lehigh @ Palmerton4:00pm
Wed 5/9/18SoftballNorthern Lehigh @ Palmerton4:00pm
Wed 5/9/18BaseballNorthern Lehigh @ Palmerton7:00pm